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Control your plans and save time, by setting up a collaborative ranking system common to you and your partners.

For all of your projects, across the design and/or works phases, exchange, classify, and share comments on all your documents between architects, engineers, contracting authorities and companies.

The space to sort, classify and exchange your multiples files between architects, engineers, clients and constructions companies


  • One simple price, varying only on the disk space used
  • Unlimited number of projects and users
  • You invite your partners: they connect free to publish or download documents
  • A single version of the software for all
  • A secure platform in the cloud (using HTTPS encryption)

After two months of free, no obligation, testing: £60 / month for 5 GB
(£15 / month for every 5 GB extra, dropping to £10 / month for every 5 GB more than 25 GB)
For example, a 10 GB subscription costs £75 / month (£60 + £15).

e-architect will allow you:

  • to classify your documents and those of your partners according to a filing structure you can define
  • this structure will be the same for all
  • each project partner is informed of the availability of new documents
  • to comment on documents between all parties involved
  • to notify all involved parties without having to send additional mails of information
  • all very quick & immediate
  • without transit through your internal network
  • and without maintenance cost: fully inclusive price, no "hidden extras".

You get on top of all your filing, so you save time and become more efficient.

We have 100 clients with more than 15,000 users (architects, civil engineers, project managers, and construction companies) who classify and share their documents using Our users exchange and collaborate on more than 1 000 Gb of documents.

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