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The internet filing cabinet for architects:  a secure platform for sharing plans, customized for you and your building partners

You register your partners, they receive notification by mail and they can review, download, comment on and publish files on the platform.

The collaborative filing cabinet in the secured cloud:

  • The filing structure reflects the stages of your project:  design, construction ...

  • You register the people you work with (partners in the project, the contractors, client, etc) to one of the projects in your filing cabinet, and they are notified by email.

  • They can then upload and download their own files/plans, and comment on files/plans, according to the rights you have given them.

  • An e-mail alert system alerts the relevant project's stakeholders to the presence of a new document in the filing cabinet.

  • There is no software to install on PCs or laptops:  all that is needed is an up-to-date browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera ...).

arborescence principale Publication de fichiers Avancement de l'upload Prévisualisation des fichiers Affichage liste ou miniature Annuaire en ligne Création de nouveaux dossiers Gestion du clic droit Aide en ligne

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Facile, ergonomique, performant, on gagne du temps

The architect's internet filing cabinet in detail: is designed to fit the roles involved in the participants in building projects  : Architect, Civil Engineer, Project Manager or Construction Company.

Users of the system are classified by type :

  • The administrators. They create the project, configure them, and invite other user to connect to upload or download documents
  • The clients (Architect, Engineer, Client or Contractor)
  • The Client Team:  the agency partners (Local Planning Authority, draftsmen, model-makers, ...)
  • The Engineering Team: et les différents organismes qui en dépendent (Building Control, OPC, ...)
  • The Construction Firm

Each client (Architect, Civil Engineer, Project Manager or Construction Company) has storage space classified by project and each project has three sub-files that can be renamed or hidden :

Design Conception, travaux
Visible by the architect and  prime contractor

Visible by everyone : architect, prime contractor and construction companies

Only visible by the prime contractor

Administration of the internet filing cabinet

The client administrator interface is designed to allow them to :
  • Adjust, change, or remove a project
  • On each project, specify who can use it, by the type of user (Client, Design, Build)
  • To ensure security, passwords are encrypted and not known by the administrator

User directory

The user directory is available online and allows each online user to add and amend their details in their "my account" section.  User details can be uploaded and downloaded from Excel.

Some features that most of our competitors do not offer:
  • Encryption of data using HTTPS (like your bank)
  • Import a list of users from an Excel file
  • Copy / paste files or folders
  • Make comments on files
  • Publish (upload) a project folder (with all its subfolders & files) in one go
  • Download a project folder (with all its subfolders & files) in one go
  • List of latest published files
  • Internal messaging
  • Detailed statistics:
  • Who connected ? And when ?
  • Who has downloaded files ?  Which ones and when ?
  • Who has uploaded files ?  Which ones and when ?
  • Who deleted files (if they had the right) ? Which files & when ?
  • All kept for at least two years and downloadable in Excel format

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